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New TFT LCD Audio & Video Multimedia Center
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Inteligent approach
At Xwave, we constantly push the boundaries of innovation in order to make people's lives more fun, more interesting, and easier to manage.

We are new smart kind of companies that constantly transforming technology forward.

We're an always in motion, working and creating. We inspire other to develop innovative products and services always giving you better solutions with greater benefits more quickly.

xWave partner with leading media, retail, and consumer product companies as well as key industry associations to deliver our products and services.

The name xWave reflect the strength of our brand that integrates traditional and new technologies into exiting products.
Our job is to find and create new technology to continuously encourage our customers, partners, consumers, and businesses to join us as we continue to take exciting leaps forward.

It's not just about making technology faster, smarter, and cheaper. It's about using that technology to make life better, richer, and more convenient for everyone it touches.
DVD Player - 5000 Firmware - 10. feb 2009. - Only CD ripping models
DVD Player - 4000 Manual - English
DVD Player - 5000 CD Ripping Manual - English
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